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$1 Billion LOTR Show?!

Actually, Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings show might cost over $1 billion

Back in March, we reported that Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings show had already cost the online retailer $250 million just for the rights, with insiders expecting the number to jump up to “another quarter of a billion dollars” once production formally got under way, but now it looks like that already-huge estimation may have still been too low. According to a new Hollywood Reporter story, the show might cost over $1 billion once other costs like “casting, producers, and visual effects” are counted. Luckily, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is richest person ever, so he can definitely afford to throw some extra cash at this if the feet aren’t furry enough or if you can’t quite see the smoke rings through the trees.

Beyond the cost, the THR story also has some interesting information about what Amazon is facing with this enormous project. For starters, it has already committed to five seasons of this show, and it has to begin production within two years of signing the deal or else Amazon will violate the deal it signed with New Line, the J.R.R. Tolkien estate, and book publisher HarperCollins. New Line doesn’t own the TV rights to Lord Of The Rings, but apparently there’s some possibility that Amazon will want to use “material from the films” for its show.

i’d love to see a kickass LOTR tv show, and really been looking forward to it coming out… though to be honest, wasn’t really sure if it actually would… never know with these things… but damn, $1 billion?!?!

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