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Add ‘Cowboy Bebop’ To The List

Cowboy Bebop: “You’re Gonna Carry That Weight”

What comes to mind when you think of science fiction space westerns? Firefly? Battlestar Galactica? Star Wars?

Add one more to the top of that list: the iconic Cowboy Bebop! One of the most classic anime of the 90s and all-time, this is a must-watch for any self-proclaimed anime fan for many reasons. Here’s a brief overview (without spoilers) to prepare anyone before they begin this wild ride.

Created in 1998, it’s obvious the animation is a little dated – and that’s a good thing, often adding to the unique atmosphere of the show. Especially considering the consistent quality and fluidity of the animation, one can sometimes forget this anime was created almost 20 years ago. Everything looks so crisp it’s easy to become absorbed in the universe Shinichiro Watanabe created.

For a show that largely revolves around music (many of the episode names reference music), an excellent choice was made in having Yoko Kanno as composer. She is behind some of the most memorable soundtracks in anime such as Wolf’s Rain and Ghost in the Shell and did not once disappoint with the music for this series.

two of my all-time favorite anime series would probably be ‘Cowboy Bebop’ and ‘Ghost in the Shell’ — definitely in my top five personal list… along with a few others, like ‘Robotech/Macross 7’.

at the moment, not really watching too much anime… though i am digging ‘Erased’ quite a bit — the last episode i watched left on such a cliffhanger that i wanted to smack somebody… aghhhhh.


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  1. Erased is such a good show. Reminds me of Steins;Gate.


  2. Real blues, and barf art.
    Christines Comicsns weed.


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