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AddThis Refresh 2016

been jamming pretty hard the past couple weeks, but we finally rolled out this beast of a refresh on addthis.com this morning.

it’s definitely been awhile since we rolled out such a big update all at once… from the homepage redesign, to updating the rest of the top-level site pages (and most sub-pages), updating the academy theme, updating a crapload of support docs… and not readily visible unless you login, but we rolled out some big updates / changes in the dashboard — including a whole new tool configurator, which dovetailed nicely into this whole tool consolidation project we’ve been working on in parallel.

yeah, it really was a bit of a monster, but hot damn i’m pretty stoked that we finally got it out! feel like a lot of stress just got lifted, and kinda think i might take off a day or two… a long weekend at the beach certainly sounds pretty nice right about now ;)

p.s. nice job, team!

p.p.s. take the rest of the afternoon off. heh.



  1. Nice dude! Cool menu. Well done!


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