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Alien Covenant, You Going?

speaking of movies, anybody planning on going to go see Alien Covenant this weekend? i’m still on the fence… none of my friends, or my son, really seem to have any interest in seeing it in the theater, so i’ll probably just wait for it to come out on bluray.

i might go see Guardians Vol.2 again tomorrow though… buddy asked if i wanted to go re-see it again in 3D with some peeps, and that sounds good to me since i wouldn’t mind seeing Guardians again :)

anwho, if you do go see the new Alien movie, lemme know what ya thought of it k?




  1. Saw it. Liked it. Was a really good follow up to Prometheus. I expected worse because I’ve heard many people say it wasn’t good. I’ll be disappointed if Ridley Scott doesn’t follow up with at least one more after this.


  2. Oh really..?!? awesome man!

    I’ve been secretly hoping (praying?) that it really isn’t as bad as i keep hearing/reading online… i mean, it’s still “aliens” and i feel like i’ve kinda had my fingers crossed for the past few months.

    Passed on going out and seeing it this weekend, and ended up seeing Guardians Vol.2 again (in 3D, which was actually pretty awesome) instead…

    So you’re really hoping for a follow-up?

    Is there some kinda cliffhanger like in Prometheus or something?


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