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The Design Theory Behind Amazon’s $5.6 Billion Success

From an aesthetic point of view, Amazon’s web store is neither simple nor beautiful–two things we expect of good design. Instead, it focuses on simplicity of experience, process, and functionality. For many designers, the idea that an experience with Amazon’s visual complexity succeeds is somewhat confounding. So, how might a designer look at Amazon to understand why it works, despite—if not because of—its aesthetic?

good article and read-thru, though nothing really ground breaking or anything… still, it’s always interesting to reflect on what works so damn well with big sites like amazon, and perhaps be mindfoo of how it might relate to what you’re working on… like i was just looking over this onboarding / registration process on this one site (per request, helping out), and g’damn it was… what’s the right word here…. labourous? time consuming? seriously… i practically forgot what i was doing half way through… i mean, jesus…

anywho, KISS.

an acronym to live by, mang.

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One Comment

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