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Amazon Prime Day 2017: the best deals…

Prime Day 2017 has arrived, and Amazon is opening the floodgates to unleash a wave of deals upon the world. Festivities kick off right now, July 10th at 9PM EST / 6PM PST, and will run for 30 hours until 2:59AM EST (July 12th) / 11:59PM PST (July 11th) on Amazon’s website.

Amazon tends to run two kinds of deals on Prime Day: regular discounts, which will appear throughout the day and function as regular discounted Amazon purchases; and Lightning Deals, which will only be available at specific times (check that page frequently) and for specific amounts of product before ending. We here at The Verge are doing our best to filter the wheat from the chaff for you here, and highlight the best deals as we find them.

i’m sure there’s some pretty good deals out there, but i just can’t get that into it… i did just head over and pulled up some 4K blurays to see if they had some crazy awesome “deals” on ’em, but it looks like the same prices as i saw the other day so i’m guess that’s kind of a bust.

so yeah, if you’re excited about it and shopping for deals on amazon today… g’luck!

PS. damn you amazon.

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