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Anime Fans Go On Strike

Why Anime Fans Aren’t Falling In Love With Anime Strike

Anime Strike is one of what Amazon calls “Channels,” add-on services that provide additional content to Prime Video for an additional $5 a month. So far, each Amazon Channel focuses on a specific niche. For example, in addition to Anime Strike, another channel is called Heera and is exclusively focused on Bollywood titles.

Five bucks a month is a small price to pay, but some anime fans have protested the model. Anime Strike can only be purchased if the customer already has an Amazon Prime subscription, which costs $100 a year, meaning a person who buys a year of Anime Strike will pay $160 in all.

Meanwhile, a subscription to Crunchyroll or Funimation costs $6.95 a month—and when customers buy 12 months at once, just $60 for a year. Additionally, both services have a free, ad-supported option, as does Daisuki, another streaming service that provides anime.

my son and i have talked and bitched about this off-and-on for the past couple months now… he doesn’t have or really want Amazon Prime, but kinda wants the anime… but he’ll be damned if he’ll shell out $160 a year for a couple anime shows that he’d like to watch… which sucks, because anime fans — especially in his age group — are all over how to pirate the living shit outta anime.

he also pays for Crunchroll, so i totally get it.

#sigh  #damnit

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