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Arcade Fire Fidget Spinner

Arcade Fire releases latest album on ultra-expensive USB fidget spinner

Anthemic Canadian ensemble Arcade Fire just released its latest album, Everything Now. Perhaps in an attempt to capitalize on the current cultural zeitgeist, the band has released the album on a USB-enabled fidget spinner, in addition to the usual vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital editions.

The limited edition format was flogged for $109 on the band’s official website, which is undeniably pricey, but well within the realms of what you’d expect for a limited edition trinket.

In comparison, the CD version goes for $14, and the old-school vinyl record costs $18.

love me some Arcade Fire, but damn… but i guess if you’re really a hardcore fan and really, really want a limited edition USB spinner with their album on it — then it’s totally worth the $109.

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