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Atlanta’s New Sexy Stadium

Watch atlanta’s soon-to-be-open mercedes-benz stadium roof close in this time lapse…

The city of atlanta, and its football team the atlanta falcons are soon to open one of the world’s most spectacular venues: the mercedes-benz stadium. designed by HOK in collaboration with tvsdesign, goode van slyke architecture and stanley beaman & sears, the stadium will position itself as an iconic architectural landmark for the city. created with functionality and flexibility in mind, the structure has a capacity of 75,000 seats that can be expanded to 83,000. but its signature element is a retractable roof that provides a radical departure from kinetic roofs.

i’m actually looking forward to seeing this new kickass stadium when the falcons play this coming season… and being a broncos fan, i can’t help but wonder when are we gonna break ground and get started on a new sexy stadium? i know we will at some point, so i’ll just have to wait… and when we do, i’ll probably have to get some tickets and fly out to enjoy a game!

oh hell yeah.

The Falcons’ billion-dollar stadium will have a Chick-fil-A that’s almost never open




  1. Denver and a new stadium? The field formerly known as Sports Authority is only 16 years old. Lots of life still in that joint. Taxpayers won’t foot a bill like that anytime soon and there just isn’t the big time company/cash provider that would step up for something so hot. I was down in ATL a couple weeks ago and we swung by the new place…very nice!


  2. People in denver would go ape shit if they tried to push for citizen funding this soon. Having said that, that won’t stop ownership from trying within 10 years.


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