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Broncos & Drew Brees

Denver Broncos Should Trade For Quarterback Drew Brees

If the Broncos had to play a real game tomorrow, Siemian would be the starting quarterback. Lynch is going to get one last chance, but it’s going to take a really stellar outing for him to secure the quarterback spot. Based on what Lynch has shown up to this point in his career it is far-fetched to think that the light is somehow going to come on and he’s all of a sudden going to look like a starting quarterback.

What is more likely is that the quarterbacks are going to be a lot more of the same Saturday night. If this is the case, John Elway has got to look elsewhere. This roster is Super Bowl “Ready” now. If the Broncos added a veteran that could play at a high level, the top-to-bottom talent on this roster will surpass New England. The guy to take them there? Drew Brees.

hmmm, now that certainly is an interesting option..! hadn’t even heard or thought of drew brees, since i just figured there was no way in hell that they Saints would let him go… but if that’s true, and we all know how Elway can roll… well shit, i can see him actually making some calls and making a deal happen if he really wanted to.

the way things are now, i’d be almost bouncing off the damn walls if this happened… holy shit, that’d be awesome… all we really need is a damn (good) quarterback, damnit.

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