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Broncos ‘Embarassed’ Last Night

‘Embarrassed’ Broncos fume after mistakes pile up in Patriots’ rout

DENVER – Denver Broncos players didn’t hide their frustration Sunday night after a 41-16 loss to the Patriots, their fifth-consecutive loss.

“It’s embarrassing. I’m tired of being embarrassed,” defensive end Derek Wolfe told reporters.

The Broncos have surrendered 92 points in the past two games and now, at 3-6, find themselves not just fighting for a playoff spot, but also to save their season. Denver has not lost five straight games since 2010. Only one current Broncos, receiver Demaryius Thomas, was on that team.

“We have a good football team in us, but what we put out there is a bad football team, and what we put out there last week was a bad football team,” linebacker Von Miller said.

i really really wasn’t looking forward to last nights game… i knew it was probably gonna get pretty ugly, especially with how my broncos have been looking this season… but it was still hard to watch.

didn’t help that for some fucking reason NBC switched over to spanish on me, and i couldn’t figure out what the hell just happened or how to switch it back to english on the Playstation Vue — seriously, what the fuck?!

oh man, i was going nuts… ended up going over to my neighbors and watching the game… he has verizon and it was fine (and in english) for him… ugh… but i guess around mid 3rd quarter i just left and went back home… the game was over 5 minutes into the game, to be honest.

Martellus Bennett Sure Looks Like a Real Piece of Trash

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