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Broncos Reach New Low

Denver Broncos reach new low in drubbing by Philadelphia Eagles

PHILADELPHIA — Ball security is job security.

That’s the saying, Brock Osweiler explained last week, and those were his marching orders as he took over as the Broncos’ starting quarterback for a second time. The Broncos hoped the small charge would create bigger change and “stabilize” an offense that desperately needed a jump-start.

But a single swap at quarterback couldn’t correct the Broncos’ long laundry list of problems, especially not against the NFL’s top team with an MVP candidate, Carson Wentz, at quarterback.

The Broncos again beat themselves Sunday, racking up 14 penalties and accruing mistake after mistake after mistake in all three phases while losing to the Eagles 51-23.

The loss was the Broncos’ fourth consecutive since the Week 5 bye, the longest losing streak since John Elway joined the front office in 2011, and it set them back to 3-5 in a season that seems long gone.

yeah, that was another hard game to watch… i wasn’t really expecing all that much, but still… damnit… guess i was kinda hoping that with Brock in there, maybe… just maybe… that would be the spark (hell, any spark) they needed to get roll’n.

oh well, season is already over if you ask me.

#sigh  #depressing

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