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Bucket Bomb On London Tube

Rush-hour chaos in London, passengers run for lives…

What happened: An improvised explosive device was detonated on a London Underground train, injuring 23 people during rush hour Friday morning. A security source told CNN there was a timer found on the device, a sign that the intent was to cause greater damage.

The investigation: A manhunt is underway and police are treating the explosion at Parsons Green station on the District Line as terrorism.

Latest reaction: Prime Minister Theresa May said her thoughts were with those injured and the emergency services, while London Mayor Sadiq Khan told CNN there would be an “enhanced police presence” across London. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump tweeted: “Another attack in London by a loser terrorist. These are sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard. Must be proactive!”

damn man, another terrorist attack in london today?!

fucking bastards.

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