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Pacific Rim Uprising, Anybody?

anybody else planning on going to see the new ‘Pacific Rim’ at the theater this weekend?

i absolutely loved the first one, and i’ve probably watched it at least a couple dozen times by this point… from what little i’ve seen from the trailer, this new one looks quite a bit different… more robots, more monster kaiju’s… more action and probably more fighting… but at the same time — somehow less.

dunno, but i’m curious enough to go see it.

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Avengers, New Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War – Official Trailer

just noticed this in my twitter feed, so of course i had to click over and check it out… there’s just no way i can avoid the trailers, so why fight it?

PS. oh man, looks soooooooo good… can’t wait!

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New Things Learned From Last Jedi Blu-Ray

All the New Things We Learned From the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Blu-Ray

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now available for digital download and is coming to Blu-ray on March 27. The release is jam-packed with goodies, many of which cover things we’ve covered on the site already, such as Mark Hamill and Rian Johnson’s different opinions on Luke Skywalker, the Captain Phasma deleted scene, and Johnson’s motivations behind some of the film’s bigger, more controversial moments. But there’s a lot more.

We went through all of the features on the disc, which includes a full director’s commentary, 13 deleted scenes, and a feature-length documentary called The Director and the Jedi (which is worth the cost of purchase alone) searching for new, fun, and fascinating information. Here’s what we found. Continue…

maybe it’s just me and my shitty sense of time, but it sure feels like it’s been a long time since i watched this in the theater… so yeah, definitely looking forward to picking this one up next week and watching it again.

PS. curious about the extras and deleted scenes.

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Gonna Go See It?

was initially gonna go see it last night, but my friend got sick and at this point, i don’t wanna be within 10 yards of anybody with the flu… screw that, totally not worth it… so going with a group of peeps this saturday.

looking forward to it, should be fun :)

i’ve heard nothing but great things about this one, and other than seeing the movie trailer once or twice, i’ve tried to avoid being overly saturated in “black panther” news / rumors / tidbitties, etc.

so you going to see it?

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Deadpool, Meet Cable

New Deadpool 2 Trailer Teases the Ultimate Showdown Between Cable and Sheriff Wadey

so we have Infinity War, Deadpool, and Solo all coming out in may… hot damn man.

PS. didn’t realize Thanos was in this too.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story

In the First Trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, a Familiar Legend Begins

black panther, the new avengers movie… and yes, this!

good time for movies, mang ;)

PS. can never replace harrison ford, though… just sayin’.

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One More Week!

pssssst… guess what? exactly one week from day…

fuck yeah!

not that i’m counting the days or anything… nope, not me… no idea… why ya looking at me like that?

going to a double-feature with some friends… so we’ll first see “The Force Awakens” (again), and then “The Last Jedi” at a nice theater where you can have food and drinks, etc… also getting a special “exclusive” movie poster, which i’m looking forward to seeing when i get there.


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Batman Ninja

whoa… okay, i just geeked out pretty hard.

holy shit that looks awesome!

/adds mental reminder

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Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer

oh hellllll yeahhhhhhhh…!!!!!!!

dude, this is looking to be really good.

PS. the ending with Thor and the Guardians? Fuck yeah! :)

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Incredibles 2 Teaser

i just pulled up youtube and the first thing i see is this…

dude, how fucking awesome?!!

i know it’s just a teaser, but it’s the first one i’ve seen for the new Incredibles and i feel like i’ve literally been waiting for years to see it… coming out summer of 2018 i believe, and i’ll definitely be going to see it — hopefully in an IMAX theater.

#ThumbsUp  #OhHellYeah

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Oh, And Justice League…

another one i kinda forgot all about, though to be honest, i think that’s understandable… mostly because i just haven’t been excited or looking forward to this ‘Justice Leauge’ movie at all… and by that, i mean like zero interest.

just out of curiosity, anybody planning on hitting the theater this weekend to go see it?

#curious  #shrugs


Deadpool 2 Teaser

oh man, just in case you missed this yesterday…

fuck me, can’t wait for Deadpool 2!!!!!!

“…and remember, hugs not drugs.”

#FuckYeah  #BringIt


Thor: Ragnarok’s Biggest WTF Questions

Thor: Ragnarok’s 5 Biggest WTF Questions

oh man, i absolutely loved this movie! did you guys go see it this past weekend or what..?!

definitely had a more fun / guardians of the galaxy vibe than the previous two — which is a good thing if you ask me… didn’t like the other Thor movies, which is a shame cuz i loved reading his comics as a kid… both Thor and Hulk were among my personal favs… and wolverine, but who doesn’t like him?!

i mean, c’mon.

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Honest Trailers: Spider-Man Homecoming

i thought i already posted this, but scrolled down real quick and didn’t see it… i probably thought about it and posted it in my head, which happens from time-2-time… hey man, it happens.

just reminded me that i never picked this one up… think i was on the fence about whether to get it on regular bluray or 4k, and ended up never getting around to it…. hmmm, oh well… maybe they’ll have it on sale this coming black friday on amazon or something.

PS. adds mental reminder to self.

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John Wick Killstreaks

it was raining pretty much all day yesterday — not to mention it was also pretty damn cold, and my drive home last night was kinda brutal… lots of rain, along with a few car accidents, and bam! hello 3.5 hour drive back home… geeesh… so i grabbed some food and sat down and ended up watching John Wick 2 again, and g’damn i love that movie.

sooooooo fucking good.

haven’t really read anything about it, but i’m really hoping they come out with another one… keep that john wick killstreak going, dude!

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Gonna See Thor?

anybody else excited to go see the new Thor movie this weekend?

only downside is it’s not playing at the “nice” theater here, the one with the bar and big comfy VIP seating… so yeah, totally sucks and i dunno what the deal is, since they really should have the latest marvel movie… almost tempted to say “fuck that”, but man i really wanna see it.


PS. first world problems, i know… i know….

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Black Panther Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther – Official Trailer

whoa… sucks that we have to wait until february 2018 for this to drop in the theaters, but i’ll definitely have to go see this up on the big screen for sure.

this isolated wakanda sure seems pretty sci-fi to me :)

PS. thor… star wars… then black panther…

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Baby Driver, Baby

i stopped by redbox on the way home last night and picked up “baby driver”, since i’ve really wanted to see it after hearing so many raving reviews online and from friends…

…and holy shit, they were right!

what a kickass movie… was almost tempted to watch it again, but was getting kinda late… think i might have to just snag the bluray, and add it to the collection.

#WorthWatching  #GoodMovie  #ThumbsUp

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New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer

The Internet Can’t Stop Joking About The New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer

breathe. just… breathe……

i was off yesterday and pretty much spent most of the day chill’n out and playing Destiny 2… started a second character over the weekend (hunter) and already got him up to level 282 ;)

anywho, that being said, i’m sure you’ve seen the new Last Jedi trailer at least a half dozen times by now… but just in case you haven’t, here ya go.

been seeing stuff pop’n up in my twitter stream about it for the last day or more now… seriously, it’s almost impossible to avoid spoilers and whatnot at this point.

PS. looking forward to december, mang.


Blade Runner Tonight!

anybody else going to see the new Blade Runner tonight? …huh huh?!?

there’s only been a few movies i’ve been looking forward to, and this is one of ’em — along with the new Thor and Star Wars movies, of course.

going with a big group of friends later tonight, so should be fun ;)


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