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CES 2018, Let’s Go!

Here Are the Things at CES You’ll Actually Want to Buy

Some gadgets work better in theory than practice. Many are concepts, designed more for the “whoa” factor or to make a point about the state and potential of technology in our world, than for practical use.

Here and there, though, a contraption that wows also works for everyday life. It catches you off guard with some capability you never thought you needed, or a level of customization or functionality you never knew was possible. Suddenly, you have to try it for yourself.

At CES, the exhibition halls are littered with tech that promises to track us, help us save money, time and resources and reflect our own lives back to us in ever-higher definition. They tap into trends of optimization — tailoring every aspect of our lives to our personal circumstances — as well as increasing peace of mind in a world where you can now answer your door or play with your pet, even when you’re not home.

nothing really here that made me go “whoa” or anything… with the possible exception about the part with the mobile gaming laptops coming out this year — if they actually perform pretty damn good, might be worth looking into.

aside from that, i usually only geek out over stuff like the new HDTVs… curious to see what they come out with this year, as i’m seriously thinking about maybe looking into getting a new 75″ 4K HDTV for the living room — if the price is right… speaking of which, i wonder if Vizio is coming out with a new kickass P-Series this year… and if so, if it’s worth waiting for.

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