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okay guys, i do believe that the FooComments here have been fixed… and man, what a gnarly bug it was indeed – special thanks goes out to our man bradley, who managed to figure it out the problem and save us all from comment overload.

basically, i had a $('.btn-spank').click(function(e) nested inside another one… so every time you clicked on the blue “comment” button to show the inline comment bubble, it’d start to chain the click events – which is why sometimes you’d get a single comment, then another time you’d get 2 or even 3/4 duplicates being posted. *facepalm*

g’damn, that one was driving me fucking nuts, too.

i added in a “spank” and “cancel” button earlier, in hopes that maybe it would help alleviate the problem since i thought it might be tied to the Ctrl+Enter to submit… guess not, but i think i’ll just leave it this way since it makes it easier on the iPad anyways.

p.s. thanks again bradley!



  1. ah, these buttons are looking very familiar…


  2. Too much recursion…


  3. I had a smiliar problem once, too. You should check removeEvent() and addEvent() twice. We tend to think it will refresh the event each time, but it keeps adding them them instead.


  4. @brad: thanks again buddy!

    @jeff: the Ctrl+Enter seemed to be causing too many problems… but the buttons still look good here ;)

    @chris: i need to find a better way to traverse the DOM for parent elements – i have one or two instances that’s just flatout rediculous… any pointers always appreciated!

    @cem: good call, looking it up on the jquery doc’s now


  5. FoO, love the navigation bar on the left. Best design you’ve had yet, imo, and I’ve been here for 6 or so years.


  6. thanks buddy! means a lot to hear that ;)


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