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Creepy Japanese Startup

Creepy Japanese startup promises you a wakeup call from an underaged girl

A new Japanese startup is promising to provide wakeup calls from real schoolgirls. It’s not cute or cool or innovative. It’s disgusting, and it represents a lowering of the bar for the country’s nascent startup scene.

JKMorning – a play on joshi kosei, the Japanese word for schoolgirl – allows users to request individual wakeup calls or schedule them at a specific time for a set range of dates. It’s essentially a hotel wakeup call, but instead of the front desk staff, it’s an underaged girl you’ve never met before. No price plans are available, but the startup says it will accept PayPal.

The creepiest part is JKMorning’s assertion that the girls are, in fact, still in high school. In an email to Tech in Asia, a startup spokesperson explains that the plan is to verify potential “morning callers” using their student ID cards. If their ID photo matches their JKMorning profile photo, they’re verified. Girls can work from anywhere, the startup says.

Pre-registration is currently open, with no launch date specified. Judging by the national obsession with schoolgirls – real or otherwise – this startup could actually be onto something. I hope otherwise.

Look, I’m not saying that every grown man in Japan has pedophilic tendencies – a nonsensical notion – but after you’ve lived here long enough, you begin to wonder how society can tolerate what appears to be a widespread obsession with young girls in school uniforms. Enough that a startup’s entire business model can be built around their voice.

yeah, seriously… it’s obviously silly to paint an entire asian society as pedophilic, but after awhile you seriously have to start to wonder… hell man, just watch some japanese anime! i was just talking to jayden the other night about it, how every fucking anime show he recommends seems to be set in either middle school or high school… lots of fanservice, some of which is just downright uncomfortable (or fucked up) to watch.

speaking of anime, the only show i’m watching and really digging on right now is “One Punch Man” — which is effin awesome.

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