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Devastated Houston From Above

Surreal Footage Of The Devastating Houston Floods From Above

haven’t really posted much about it, since it just seems like i’ve been completely and totally inundated with news, various photo & video footage, tweets, emails and everything else for the past week… everytime i stop in Wawa to get my morning coffee i’m asked to donate… stop in Giant to pickup a few things, same thing… run through Wendy’s for a late night frosty on my way home last night, and i’m once again asked to donate money to hurricane harvey… hell, i even got an unsolicited text message about it, and was like “dude, really??!”

i get it, it’s bad… it sucks… i’ve already donated money, and am starting to feel kinda harassed by it all to be honest — i dunno, is it just me?

one cool thing was getting an email at work a few days back about how Oracle with match any donation given to the red cross… so i went ahead and sent in a $100, which Oracle will match which i thought was pretty fucking cool.

PS. sorry for the min-rant, just… well, damn.

Houston Dry Out Begins…



  1. Gosh, sounds terrible. Just terrible.

    Jesus Christ. I can’t imagine the horror.

    Fuck man. Can you suck it up, just this once? You must know how fucking privileged you sound. We both know how bad the lives are for tens of millions of people around the globe, and there’s only so much we can do. But fuck man. Something like Harvey takes over the news cycles and people start asking for money and help every which way. Yeah, the lucky among us will be fine. That rough part is that we’ll be hounded to help people. So fucking what. Is it really that bad? Jesus.

    There’s your fucking rant. Let me grab you a tissue.


  2. Okay yeah, i totally get what you’re saying and didn’t mean to come off like some kinda asshole douchebag that doesn’t give a shit… or couldn’t care less since my house isn’t sitting in 6 feet of water from a fucking hurricane.

    But if jumping all over my ass makes you feel better, then great… power to ya buddy.

    I doubt i’m the only one getting a little annoyed with constantly being asked to donate money everywhere i fucking go.

    jesus man.


  3. Where’s those tissues…. allergies are killing me.


  4. Props to Oracle, and props to you for helping out. Did you see JJ Watt helped raise $10 million!? He started out wanting $200k, and donated $100k himself. Pretty cool.


  5. I understand what you mean foo and thank you for donating to help out. I live in Corpus Christi,TX where hurricane Harvey hit near and it has affective so many people in different ways. Don’t let anyone get under your skin about donating or about stating your opinion. The important thing is where your heart is and you don’t need to prove you are a standup guy to any of us, we’ve known you far too long to think differently.


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