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Disqus, Again.

i decided to give Disqus another try… not sure what the dealio is with it, since i went into the settings and clicked on the “export” button — still seems kind of messed up though.

maybe i just need to give it more time to sync up, since it does say something about it taking up to 24 hours for the import… thousands of bloggers use it, so not sure why it doesn’t seem in sync with the comments already here in WP.

i’m hoping that you’ll be able to easily drop a comment if you want, and i won’t have to keep going into the admin to “approve” comments all the time… kind of a pain in the ass, really.

update: i gave it a day, and the comment counts still aren’t updating — fuck it, must be something else… rolling back. again.




  1. lets see if I can comment now… Failed yesterday!


  2. Im back!!! sorry Fo0… ;)


  3. well that’s good… seems the comment went through for ya without me having to first go and “approve” it manually… only thing is, the main page doesn’t look to have the actual comment count.

    really shouldn’t be this difficult to get effin comments showing up, geeesh.

    i “exported” to disqus 3 times now… then today, i manually exported the last 2 years of posts to XML locally, went to disqus.com and uploaded/imported it — and that was probably around noon. *blink*


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