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Eagles Embarass Vikings

How The Eagles Embarrassed The Vikings

While the rowdy Lincoln Financial Field fans embraced the Philadelphia Eagles’ underdog status Sunday night, the Eagles played like they always believed they were the better team.

Over the course of their 38-7 NFC Championship Game win over the Minnesota Vikings, the Eagles did everything they weren’t supposed to be able to do without injured starting quarterback Carson Wentz — and they forced the Vikings to do almost everything badly.

oh man, talk about feeling bad for vikings fans today… sorry guys, i really was pulling for ya! thought it would’ve been pretty damn cool to see them not only play in the super bowl, but also hosting it as well for the first time in NFL history… oh well, at least ya made it to the NFC championship — unlike the broncos rest of us.

was also pulling for the Jags yesterday, and they came out swinging and got my hopes up just a little bit there… but then the fourth quarter happened, and brady… fuck… yeah.

never been an eagles fan, but i’m pulling for them in this super bowl… c’mon man, don’t let the fucking patriots win yet another damn super bowl.

The Super Bowl–Bound Eagles Are Underdogs in Name Only

1 Comment

One Comment

  1. I agree, would’ve been fun for a team to play at home in the Super Bowl. But man, what a beat down! Tom Brady is not losing, you know this, mang!


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