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Emma Stone Lip Sync Battle

jimmy fallon cracks me up mang… and there’s just something about emma stone, y’know? seriously, she’s fucking great here.

anybody else looking forward to seeing the new Spiderman movie this coming weekend?

Zac Efron in Star Wars Episode VII? WTF?



  1. i love emma stone. and even though zac efron started out as a douchey fag little disney kid, he’s actually a good actor and has started to do some good movies. of course like all young actors, he still gets stupid roles too… but i actually stopped hating on him


  2. really? haven’t seen him in anything that had me thinking he was a good actor or anything… then again, i honestly can’t remember the last time i saw him in anything.

    believe i saw him and seth in a movie trailer recently, that looked kinda funny.


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