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F8: React Fiber, Baby

Facebook announces React Fiber, a rewrite of its React framework

Facebook has completely rewritten React, its popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. The company hasn’t previously talked much about React Fiber, as the project is called, but it has actually been working on it for a while. It’s now ready to talk about this project publicly in more detail (after word about it started spreading last year) and the plan is to put this rewrite into the hands of developers once React 16.0 launches later this year. It’s already in use on Facebook.com today, which clearly indicates that Facebook itself thinks it’s ready for prime time.

In addition, it is also launching a rewrite of Relay, its framework for building data-heavy applications.

oh man, the boys at work are gonna love this… we switched from AngularJS over to React on addthis.com about a year or more ago… so will be curious to read more about this new flavor of React.

Facebook open sources Caffe2, its flexible deep learning framework of choice

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