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Fate of the Furious

was having a beer over at my neighbors last night — damn he makes some mean fucking ribs! — and movies came up, so asked him if he’d seen the lastest Fast & Furious movie… of course he had, a couple times in matter of fact, and gave me a “copy” to watch.

so that’s what i did when i got back home, and i gotta say that i was genuinely kinda surprised… probably because i really wasn’t expecting all that much, but i thought it was actually better than the last one… though Dom’s acting kinda gets on my nerves at times, and Roman seemed more of a clown than usual… and though i’m a fan of Charlize Theron, she just looked a little weird to me… like she just had plastic surgery or something, i dunno.

anywho, definitely a fun popcorn movie :)

PS. just can’t take these things too damn seriously.

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