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Florida Braces, Irma Weakens

Irma Weakens Into Tropical Storm As It Grinds Through Florida

In Florida, Hurricane Irma brought dangerous floodwaters, knocked out power to millions and turned human possessions into debris in the past 24 hours. After making landfall on Sunday, the huge storm remained a Category 1 hurricane as it moved over the state’s northwest Monday, before finally being downgraded to a tropical storm at 8 a.m. ET.

Irma has maximum sustained winds of 70 mph and gusts of more than 90 mph. At 8 a.m. ET, Irma was about 105 miles north-northwest of Tampa — one of several areas where storm surge warnings remain in effect. Flash flood warnings have been issued in Jacksonville — a victim, like other eastern Florida areas, of the heaviest rains that are commonly found in hurricanes’ northeast quarter.

More than 6 million electricity accounts in Florida are currently without power, state officials say. While the full extent of Irma’s damage isn’t yet known, the storm has weakened at a faster rate than expected.

nice to see that Irma the Hurricane has weakened as it’s moved up florida, though that was to be expected since most hurricane’s can’t keep it up over land… still crazy to see back-2-back hurricane’s like this… watching some of the news coverage is always a bit shocking and depressing — not to mention humbling.

PS. most people in florida are like “eh, whatever dude” ;)

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