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FoO on iPhone

it’s not really a big deal or anything, but i was looking around on my site the other day for some code to re-use and found myself looking at one of the server-side “header” includes, and saw the snippet of code that’s responsible for the page redirect if “iphone” is sniffed on the HTTP Request …so i removed it, and re-coded a couple things while i was in there.

forgetfoo on the iphone (1)forgetfoo on the iphone (2)

i know that a few of you have mentioned it in the past… i’ve had an iphone for more than 6 months, and i’m just now getting around to it…. yeah, i suck.




  1. Hey, i still get kicked to the PDA page using IE 8 on a Windows Vista 64 machine.


  2. yeah, i still have the redirect in there for mobiles (minus iphone)

    …hmmm, maybe i should just remove the mobile redirect code altogether? not sure since there’s a shitload of different mobiles out there. :/


  3. oh, misread…. that’s weird, i’m on Vista right now and not being redirected to the mobile version…. wtf?


  4. ahhh i just got one ,i want to do the same thing as well


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