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it’s been awhile since i threw up a new theme around here, so what the hell… figure i’ll go ahead and give this one a shot and try it out — downloaded it awhile back and kinda forgot all about it… but stumbled across it locally on my iMac at home and was like “hmmmm…”

spent a few hours tweaking some things around more to my liking and Bam!

after playing around and looking at it for a bit yesterday, i have to say that i’m starting to swing back towards the larger font/images again… it just looks good, mang.

dunno what it is, but i’ve never really liked mesing around with these WP themes… editing, messing around with sub-themes, or creating new ones from scratch… it’s just not a lot of fun, which is why i don’t do it as often as i might otherwise… hmm, whatever… enjoy!




  1. thanks buddy :)

    “go big or go home”, right? heh.


  2. still needs some more tweaking (just fixed a few mobile issues), but as usual i’ll just keep plugging away at it a little here & there in the background… otherwise, have to say i’m digging it i think — certainly bigger and friendlier, that’s for damn sure. lol

    {{{ thumbs up }}}


  3. Like this a lot more than the previous one man. I know Mike at Array.is, he produces lovely clean themes.


  4. Love it when you do a complete overhaul, as usual it’s clean and easy on the eyes.


  5. Im digging the new theme, I like the navigation on this one much more. Sometimes I have issues browsing your site though even on the new theme on my phone, the Samsung S5, sometimes I scroll or play a YouTube video and the site vanishes!

    I still remember the Windows-style theme you had on here eons ago when I first found your site!


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