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Game of Thrones Lastnight… Holy Shitballs!

Game of Thrones Is at Its Best and Worst Right Now

“Beyond the Wall” is primarily set—wait for it—beyond the Wall, following the inglorious bastard and his band of badasses on their search for a wight. Like many of Game of Thrones’ epic battle episodes, it starts out slow, giving them all a chance to talk with each other: Gendry bitches to Beric and Thoros about selling him to Melisandre; Jon tries to give Jorah his ancestral sword but Jorah refuses; Tormund decides he and the Hound are BFFs, which is totally hilarious; Beric and Jon commiserate about being resurrected; and so on. There’s nothing revelatory here, but it does an impressive job of setting up camaraderie between the seven men, most of whom hadn’t met each other before the end of the last episode, before shit goes down.

And man, does it go down. It begins with them getting attacked by a damn zombie bear, complete with ice-blue eyes, which is a subtle but incredibly effective harbinger of things to come. This fight goes about as well as a fight with a zombie bear should, which is to say not very; the bear keeps attacking even after Beric sets it on fire with his flaming sword, and mauls Thoros a bit. Eventually Jorah drives a dagger into its brain, killing it, and Beric has to use his sword to cauterize Thoros’ wounds, and they press on. Continue…

definitely filled with spoilers in these GoT posts, but i should think that’s pretty obvious… anywho, i know there’s a lot to complain or bitch about, as far as the plot and story goes… not to mention some of the choices being made, etc… but holy fuckballs! after watching it last night, i think i just kinda sat there stunned for a few moments… i’m not even sure which dragon it was, but…. daaaaaaaaaamn.


Watching How Game of Thrones Made a Zombie Polar Bear Might Be the Best Part of Last Night’s Episode



  1. Read a lot of people thought it was one of the worst episodes so far. I certainly wouldn’t say that though there were some sloppy plot points. I predicted the dragon rescue and dragon zombie (told my wife what I thought would happen prior and she still thinks I found a leaked copy ahead of time or something). Looking forward to the next one. I’m really not buying the Arya / Sansa feud. My guess is its all for Littlefinger’s benefit and they’ll end him soon. After all, even if they haven’t figured him out – wouldn’t Bran have clued them in?


  2. I dunno what the hell people are bitching about… the worst GoT episode yet?! c’mon man… i just don’t get it.

    Speaking of not getting it, i’m honestly confused by the whole sansa/arya “fued” thing and just don’t understand what’s going on there… i mean, like you said, haven’t they talked to their brother Bran at all??? what the hell?

    I do get the sloppy timeline and stuff… the shit with the fleet showing up every where, on time, from thousands of miles away was really stretching things and getting to me… then running back to the wall, sending a raven, and the dragons showing up (literally all happening over night) was a bit of a “huh?” moment for me.

    But i digress… it’s a tv show… with magic and dragons. lol


  3. All I know is it’s must watch TV Sunday Night! Bend the Knee!


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