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Game of Thrones, Season 7 Premiere

Game of Thrones Is Back, and Things Are About to Get Very, Very, Very Bad

After last year’s incredible, explosive, monumental season finale, last night’s quiet season seven premiere almost seems like a PG fantasy film… even despite it beginning with bit of mass murder. But watching it closely, you can see the new problems that will plague the characters this season, and will likely lead to their downfall—assuming an army of the dead doesn’t get them first.

“Dragonstone” won’t go down as one of the show’s grander season premieres, as it’s more interested about reestablishing where its main characters are before rushing into the game’s “final round,” as it were. It’s certainly understandable, and since we had to wait an extra four months before the new season began, it’s probably not the wrong choice, either. But it’s hard to think about the explosive (often literally) events of the season six finale and not find “Dragonstone” a bit too sedate and prologue-y.

Which is funny, because the actual prologue of the episode—one of the show’s few pre-credits scenes—is so full of death. Arya, now masquerading as Walder Frey himself, calls a feast and invites every single Frey involved in the Red Wedding. Once they’re all there, “Frey” raises a toast to them, and their accomplishments, and how they slaughtered the Starks, and by that point dozens and dozens of Freys are dying because they’ve all been poisoned.

So when I say the season seven premiere was quiet after another gig in Arya Stark’s Westerosi Murder Tour, it should tell you exactly how quiet things were. Jon and Sansa address the Stark bannermen. Bran and Meera are let through the Wall. Cersei and Jaime get ready for war. Sam empties chamberpots at Oldtown. Euron Greyjoy offers an alliance to Cersei, based primarily out of a shared desire to murder family members. And the Hound takes a good, long hard look into the Red Priest’s fire, and what he sees is ice and death. Continue…

oh man, almost forgot just how much i love this show… even after all these years of watching, i still can’t help but get pumped up just hearing that opening theme song — which i still think is one of my all time favorite tv show openings… i mean, the map… the animations… the theme song… all together it still kicks ass, and i’m really glad they never changed it.

can keep reading about the episode, though it’s obviously filled with spoilers if you didn’t watch the episode last night… i thought it kicked ass, and flew by wayyyyyy too damn quickly for my liking… especially after waiting so damn long, it almost felt like the whole episode was 10 minutes long or something… before i knew it, it was over and the ending credits were on, and i was like “shiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!”

PS. who else binge watched season 6 this past week? :)



  1. I thought it was awesome! Sad that this is the last season!


  2. Isn’t there another short (6 episodes) season after this one?

    Shit, might have to google around now… oh man.

    #Fuck #SadPanda


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