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Game of Thrones, The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

Game of Thrones Finally Gave Us the Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

Ice and Fire finally met in Dragonstone, and it was just as wonderful and powerful and awkward as I’d hoped it would be. Meanwhile, Cersei is already kicking Daenerys’ forces’ collective asses, while settling a lot of scores in some pretty brutal ways. Also, another (semi-happy) Stark reunion, and a sad goodbye to the show’s thorniest character.

as usual, i was looking forward to another episode of Game of Thrones, and it didn’t disappoint… i swear, feel like i say this every week, but seriously… for a show that’s a solid hour long, it passes by in a flash… i mean, the ending with the ancient old lady from High Garden?! Cersie’s revenge on the desert snakes?

…and yes, the moment we’ve all been looking forward to for years now — the first time that John Snow and Daenery’s meet.

oh, and king of the north’s reaction when he first see’s the dragons was kinda priceless, too :)


PS. followed by Ballers, Insecure, then Last Week Tonight? shiiiit… sunday nights alone is worth HBO.

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