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Ghost 1.0 Unleashed

Announcing Ghost 1.0: New editor, new design, big update

About four years ago we launched Ghost on Kickstarter as a tiny little prototype of an idea to create the web’s next great open source blogging platform.

In the early days we really just focused on just making everything work. Ghost was one of the very first open source Node.js applications, and it certainly came with a steep learning curve. Our first release was Ghost 0.3 in September 2013, and since then there have been a total of 99 releases, all the way up to Ghost 0.11.9.

In that time we’ve watched as the Ghost ecosystem has grown and flourished. From some of the web’s best loved startups like Square and Tinder, to some of the world’s most important organisations like Elon Musk’s OpenAI and Mozilla. Ghost even made a very brief appearance in this season of HBO’s Silicon Valley.

Today marks our 100th release of Ghost and, fittingly, it’s Ghost 1.0.0

This release contains over 2,600 commits of features, refactors, improvements, and fixes to make the entire codebase more robust and more reliable all-round.

i know my sense of time really sucks, but sure does feel like it’s been more than a year or so since hearing and checking out Ghost… and even though i ended up just rolling with WP since it was easier to port over all my blog posts, i still remember installing and getting it setup locally and liking it quite a lot.

if i start a new blog, i’d probably roll with ghost — well, as long as it still had a standalone option or instance.


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