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Graphene: The Miracle Material

We May Finally Have a Way of Mass Producing Graphene

Hailed as the future’s 2D miracle material, graphene has remarkable applications. Graphene is essentially a one-atom thick graphite layer, made from elemental carbon. Graphene’s unique properties are due to the arrangement of carbon atoms in it, which are densely packed and arranged following a two-dimensional hexagonal pattern called a benzene ring.

Previously, it was thought too expensive to manufacture graphene. Now, physicists from Kansas State University may have found a way to mass produce graphene cheaply, and all it takes are three easy steps and uses only three simple materials: hydrocarbon gas, oxygen, and a spark plug. […]

As mentioned above, graphene’s unique carbon atom arrangement gave this miracle material its superpowers, so to speak. It’s super flexible while at the same time stiffer than diamond. It’s also a superconductor, capable of letting electricity flow faster than any other known substance. It also conducts heat very well, about 10 times better than copper. Graphene has also shown high biocompatibility and is capable of absorbing 2.3 percent of white light. And, to top it off, graphene is incredibly durable.

With all these properties, graphene has found its way into a multitude of research that explores possible applications. These range from electronics to consumer gadgets, to medicine and biomechanics. A popular application is in electronics. For example, there’s that graphene sticker which could improve smartphone battery life. There’s also a graphene-based textile which could be the future of wearable tech. And, of course, bendable screens.

i’ve heard about this incredible “graphene” material off-and-on for a few years now, and it really does seem like something out of sci-fi… personally, i find it pretty amazing that they’re able to create this stuff at all… but if this is legit, and it sure seems like it, then it really could be a bit of a game changer — and i’m sure we’ll all be hearing about graphene a lot more in the years to come ;)

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