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Honest Trailers – Alien: Covenant

after hearing so much crap about the new Alien: Covenant movie, i never got around to seeing it in the theater… and i was okay with that.

i did finally get around to watching it the other night, and pretty much everything (non-spoiler) i heard about it was pretty much dead on… namely, it wasn’t “scary” at all and hell, i think i kinda laughed at one scene… there was some cool stuff in it, a few little gems, but otherwise it wasn’t all that great — which is really saying something after Prometheus.

speaking of which, at least they explained some stuff from where that one left off, so we were left completely hanging.

definitely worth the watch, but not really worth running out and grabbing the 4K UHD blu-ray, since it’s just not something i’m gonna rewatch a lot… but that’s just me.

“watch me, i’ll do the fingering…”


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