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How Obama Lost

How Obama Lost the Middle East

In his first term, Barack Obama all but declared victory in America’s Middle East struggles.

As he precipitously pulled out all U.S. peacekeepers from Iraq, the president had his own “Mission Accomplished” moment when declaring the country “stable,” “self-reliant,” and an “extraordinary achievement.”

Those claims echoed Vice President Joe Biden’s earlier boast that Iraq somehow would prove Obama’s “greatest achievement.”

After the death of Osama bin Laden, and during Obama’s reelection campaign, the president also proclaimed that al-Qaeda was a spent force and “on the run.”

But what exactly was the new Obama strategy that supposedly had all but achieved a victory in the larger War on Terror amid Middle East hostility?
Fuzzy euphemisms replaced supposedly hurtful terms such as “terrorism,” “jihadist,” and “Islamist.” The administration gave well-meaning speeches exaggerating Islamic achievement while citing past American culpability.

We tilted toward Turkey and the Palestinians while sternly lecturing Israel. Military victory was caricatured as an obsolete concept. Leading from behind was a clever substitute.

Middle Easterners gathered that a bruised America would limp away from the region and pivot its forces elsewhere, saving billions of dollars to be better spent at home. The new soft-power rhetorical approach sought to win over the hearts and minds of the Arab Street, and thereby deny terrorists popular support.

To grade that policy, survey the current Middle East, or what is left of it: Egypt, the Gulf monarchies, Iraq, Iran, Israel and the Palestinians, Libya, Syria, and Turkey. It is fair to say that America has somehow managed to alienate friends, embolden enemies, and multiply radical Islamic terrorists.

So what happened?

it’s kind of a friday morning ritual around here, one i’ve been doing for a few years now… always interesting to see what victor handson has to write about at the end of the week.

good stuff.

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  1. The very worst President ever, showing every day on every stage his incompetence and his foolishness. Only the hardcore ideologues of the Left still support this failure, the rest keep very quiet and wait for an opportune moment to scrape the “Forward” bumper stickers off of their cars.


  2. If anyone could name any world leader who ever won the middle east I’m all ears.



  3. +1 @ DoughieOh

    @roger: it’s not so much who “won” the middle east… it’s spending nearly a decade in Iraq and then simply giving away all the gains that were so hard and expensive (in both blood and money)… libya, backing the muslim brotherhood in egypt, the so-called “arab spring”, the meltdown in syria, the on-going nuke programs in Iran… goes on and on, and that’s just in the past few years under Obama’s stewardship.

    that’s just in the middle east… not the russia “reset”, tensions rising with china (damn govt. sponsored hackers), north korea, etc etc etc…

    and that’s just in foreign affairs.

    yeah, something like 70+% of registered voters thinks Obama is doing a horrible job.


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