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How To Draw Anime Panties

New How to Draw Panties Manga Drawing Book Teaches Exactly That

Manga artists and character designers have released videos and hosted seminars to better novices’ art skills. There’s plenty of how-to books on the market for the same purpose, from questionable “pose books” to detail books teaching how to draw hands or men’s fashion.

Publisher Ichijinsha’s latest highly-specific entry is concerned with one intimate garment. The book is titled Pants no Kakikata (How to Draw Panties).

Surprisingly, the book covers a lot of variation from full bloomers to low-rise g-strings. Aspiring ecchi artist can learn how to perfectly shade underwear and master up-skirt pantyshots in their artwork.

oh japan… gotta luv it, mang.

…and no, i didn’t go ahead and order it.



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