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How To Use Cakebrew

How to Use Cakebrew, the Beautiful Homebrew GUI For Your Mac

Homebrew makes it easy for Mac users to install command line tools, so it’s only logical that it runs entirely from the command line. But that doesn’t mean having access to a graphical user interface isn’t handy from time to time. Cakebrew is a free Homebirew GUI that makes overseeing your setup just a bit easier.

Sure, Homebrew may be all about the command line. But maybe you want to see a quick list of your installed formula, or run a quick search and see what the various formula are for. In both cases, some users are going to prefer a GUI, and Cakebrew is that GUI. It’s kind of like Ubuntu’s Synaptic Package Manager, but for the Mac (though not quite as powerful).

i stumbled across cakebrew awhile ago, and thought it was pretty damn spiffy… i don’t mind jumping into terminal and dropping in some line commands, but given a choice, i’m one of those guys that prefers a nice simple “mac” GUI app if i have the choice.

though i still use terminal when dropping git push/pull commands, which is probably a couple dozen times a day…

so yeah, go figure.

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