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Interstellar vs. The Martian

this past weekend, a buddy was talking about movies and said something along the lines of “watched Interstellar again… so fucking good… blah blah blah… better than The Martian…” — and that’s where my ears perked up a little, and thought about it for a moment… personally, i liked The Martian better.

loved the science and seeing beautifoo martian landscapes… matt damon was a much better character, and it definitely had a better soundtrack that’s for damn sure… also had some good one liners, like “gonna have to science the shit outta this” and “take that Neil Armstrong!”.

i dunno, what do you guys think?



  1. I have a hard time remembering what Interstellar was even about, but the Martian? Great fucking movie.


  2. Seen both in IMAX. Absolutely two of the best movies we got in the past 10+ years in the space department. Love them both dearly. I lean towards “Interstellar” more as a favorite. Brilliant movie, 2001 esq feel, thrilling story, real models (non-CGI) of ships, realistic blackhole experience, and maybe the best orchestral soundtrack since the original Star Wars. I would say TM had more memorable/likeable characters though, especially Matt Damon.


  3. Interstellar started out well, but fizzled too long and the ending was flat out terrible. I can buy the science fiction parts, even if most are unrealistic. Fox example, they need a three stage booster rocket to escape earth’s gravity but the flimsy transport can escape the super wave planet that has more gravity than earth? And doesn’t get ripped to shreds by the super waves? Fine, it’s a movie. But what I couldn’t get past was: the whole plot hinges on time for all of the characters, yet it somehow, magically, stands still for Hathaway. McConaughey traverses the blackhole, for ~80 earth years, while Hathaway travels back through the wormhole, reconnects with earth, earth then to colonizes (instantly) a space station near the worm hole, then Hathaway goes back out to colonize another planet. While not aging at all! Right.


  4. Personally, I found Interstellar to be one of the worst films I’ve ever been subjected to.


  5. @AJ: it’s been quite awhile since i watched it, but damn… now that i’m thinking about it, you’re right! had to re-read that more than once, i’ll admit… and now i kinda want to go back and watch Interstellar again, just to try and keep track of it all.

    @Ed B: good point about the orchestral soundtrack… really is damn good, but somehow not as memorable to me as all that crazy disco music in The Martian — which just worked, and added so much background character to it all, y’know?

    @Kirk: wow man… worst films you’ve EVER been subjected to?!

    …now i’m trying to think of the worst movie i saw in 2016.



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