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Introducing Gifmock

Gifmock is a simple desktop application that helps you create high quality GIFs from your mockups.

I got introduced to the whole remote thing about a year and a half ago—that’s when I joined InVision by way of an acquihire. While remote work has a lot of benefits, it also comes with its challenges—communication being the main struggle. Living in Australia while the rest of your team is spread across America and Europe doesn’t make it any easier.

In order to get my ideas across, I had to learn to communicate better, asynchronously and more often. I tried a lot of different things: video calls, screen recordings, Slack messages, Basecamp, emails, the list goes on. Video calls are awesome but require people to be online at the same time. Screen recordings are great but require people to actually watch your video. And Slack messages are good but often get missed…

A picture is worth a thousand words.

That’s when I started adding GIFs to various documents and Slack messages I was sharing with my team. Not one of those funny meme GIFs, but GIFs showing interactions in my designs. It turned out to be an effective way to communicate something interactive quickly—without requiring all the unnecessary overhead of video and documentation. You must be straight to the point when communicating with others—animated GIFs can help you do exactly that.

Problem was, creating those GIFs was extremely time consuming. I would design my states in Sketch and export those so I could open them in Photoshop. From there, I would overlay them on top of each other and turn visibility on and off via the timeline. And to make things worse, every time I would make a change in my design, I had to go through this whole cumbersome process all over again. Not ideal, right?

That’s when I decided to build a tool that would make it easy to create animated GIFs. Gifmock was born.

the internet has long been a bit GIF crazy, and i feel like it’s been around for as long as i can remember… between porn, kittens, and Gifs, it doesn’t feel like we’ve really progressed all that far sometimes y’know? :)

anywho, thought this was pretty cool.

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