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iPhone X Cancellation?

Apple Leak Hints At Possible iPhone X Cancellation, ‘Batterygate’ Intensifies

It looks like there will be no iPhone X generations in the near future if rumors prove true. According to a popular Apple leakster, the tech giant’s flagship smartphone will soon be canceled due to a disappointing performance in the market.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI Securities, said the demand for the iPhone X is weak and will likely be canceled soon, as AppleInsider reported. Kuo believes that the “end of life” of the iPhone X is imminent as Apple is likely to cease production in the summer. In fact, Apple has already reduced production of its anniversary iPhone, according to the rumor. An estimated 18 million iPhone X units are scheduled to be shipped during the first quarter of this year.

The acclaimed analyst also said that the iPhone X is not performing well in China, where big-screened smartphones are a thing. The main reason why the iPhone X is not selling as expected is its design.

whoa… first i’ve heard of it, but i’d be pretty damn surprised if Apple cancelled the iPhone X after they seemingly doubled down on the whole design… i was seriously thinking of trading mine back in for an iPhone 8 plus, but kept going back ‘n forth on it and missed my return window… but oh well, i’ll deal with it… not really a big deal since i’m on that 12-month plan, so i figure i’ll enjoy the phone until the next one comes out and then decide what i’ll do next time.

still, i do find it rather surpising.



  1. It’s the fuckin price man. 4 digits is a major psychological barrier for this kind of shit.


  2. I suspect that in the summer or whenever they do these things, they’ll announce a new X+, a bigger version of the X and new iPhone 9 that will bee face recognition/no home button (like the X) but with a “regular” LCD screen (like the 8). The 8 will slide down to the entry level along with the new SE (faster processor and wireless charging) and that’ll be the line up. So based on this, and not “weak demand” or similar nonsense, the iPhone X will be discontinued… Come on folks, this is just standard operating procedures at Apple…


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