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Iron Fist Ain’t So Bad

i completely forgot that ‘iron fist’ was released on netflix this weekend, until jayden mentioned it yesterday and i was like “oh shit, you’re right!” — so i fired it up and watched the first couple episodes, and i gotta say… i didn’t think it was that bad at all.

of course, i only watched the first 2 episodes before heading off to bed, but still… if it was really that bad, i’m sure i wouldn’t have wanted to keep watching it… sure was tempted to, but really didn’t feel like pulling a binge watching all-nighter going into monday morning… i’m not exactly 20 anymore, so fuck that… anywho, from what i’ve seen so far i thought it was actually pretty damn good… not sure i’d say better than dare devil, but still good.

anywho, just an initial impression…



  1. I saw the entire season…. Its not GoT….. But, it was not bad either. It has its very gripping moments. It has its share of slick action. Oddly, it seems very similar to DareDevil…. Maybe its because, some of the characters and the location are common between DareDevil and Iron Fist. But, its a good start. I expect the second season to be more compelling. That’s what happened in DareDevil… The second season was more interesting with the punisher and all that badassery.


  2. Oh man, you’re totally right… think i have a hard time seperating the first and second seasons of DD — g’damn, can’t wait for season 3!!!

    But cool man, glad to hear… and just the fact that you’re comparing it to daredevil speaks pretty good for it IMHO :)

    Thinking i might go ahead and binge the rest of it this coming weekend… hmmm… just sorta surprised at all the backlash for the show, especially when it wasn’t even out/released by netflix yet.



  3. I’ve watched the complete season.
    Yes! it is good but not for Marvel’s TV universe. Seems they got afraid of making it crazier than the other defenders.
    The thing with Iron Fist is it doesn’t deliver what is expected: crazy maritial arts scenes; the mystic marvel world;


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