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‘Iron Fist’ Blames Trump

Finn Jones Blames Donald Trump for Bad ‘Iron Fist’ Reviews

“Iron Fist” star Finn Jones thinks part of the reason the latest Netflix Marvel show is getting panned is because of the American political climate — in particular, Donald Trump.

Speaking to Radio Times, Jones said part of the problem is that his “Iron Fist” character, Danny Rand, is a white billionaire. And as he sees it, the one of those currently holding the US presidency is making critics less receptive to Danny’s story.

“I think the world has changed a lot since we were filming that television show,” he said in the interview. “I’m playing a white American billionaire superhero, at a time when the white American billionaire archetype is public enemy number one, especially in the US.

“We filmed the show way before Trump’s election, and I think it’s very interesting to see how that perception, now that Trump’s in power, how it makes it very difficult to root for someone coming from white privilege, when that archetype is public enemy number one.”

so wait a second, he’s actually blaming all the negative reviews from practically everybody that’s watched the first 6 episodes on Trump?!? …seriously??

gimme a break, how about making a good show?

most of the people that’ve watched it loved Dare Devil and Luke Cage, which is telling you something… and it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with Trump.

i have my own issues with Trump, but this just seems like a lame excuse for making a crappy show.




  1. “i have my own issues with Trump.”

    I remember you posting critical reviews of Obama and/or his administration every fews days for the past I don’t know, 8 years or so. I haven’t seen any negative reviews of Trump and/or his administration.

    What’s up?


  2. I’m pretty sure the media is suppressing all of the positive reviews. Damn fake news. He may actually have more in common with Trump than he even suspects. False accusations might be Trump’s signature move. Sad.


  3. ‘Foo’ Blames Obama

    Blah blah Victor Hanson blah blah.



  4. Man, i’ve said this a couple times now…. how many times do i need to say it? Maybe i need to specifically blog about it or something…. ugh… anywho, i don’t really watch the news much anymore — i dunno what it is, but i just got completely OD’d on it all.

    after 8 years of Obama… then the completely bizarre campaign, culminating in the shitshow between Hillary v. Trump… by the time he won and was inaugurated, i just kinda checked out.

    still like seeing what victor hanson has to say, but like me, i guess he’s kinda checked out too.

    anywho…. blaming Trump on your show’s shit reviews from everybody just seems like total weaksauce to me.



  5. Agree completely man…re: this issue, Trump, D.C. politics, everything. It was a shit show 10 years ago, it was a shit show 1 year ago, 1 month ago, 1 day ago. When I used to talk to my dad, he’d tell me how jacked it all was when he was a kid in the 30’s and 40’s. Hillary wouldn’t have fixed it, sad to say that Trump ain’t gonna fix it either. And as broken as it all is, it’s still the best “system” overall in history. So checked out? Yeah, that describes me too. I just focus on the positives in life, writing excellent code, try to find out about the next Star Wars movie and what the Broncos are doing this off-season.


  6. I don’t even know what Iron Fist is.

    You were posting negative Obama reviews all throughout 2015 and 2016. Suddenly you’re burned out? Nothing Trump or his people have said or done over the past 4 or 5 months has prompted a post? You’re full of shit lol.


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