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normally i’d keep this on the “down low” and not blog about it, but what the hell… sure you’ve noticed all the fucking comment spam around here of late, and while i did try out a few things on the server-side… well, didn’t really seem to do much good and i didn’t quite get some of the 3rd party comment black lists integrated around here — remember, all this shit is hand coded and most of it goes back at least 5 years or more… yeah, think about that one for a moment.

Megan Fox gets a facial...

anywho, the comments seemed to be working a lot better back when i had them all ajax’d in, so nothing was really rendered on the page at load time… i do like this current comment setup and wanted to keep it, so i just added more ajax jquery code to get it all working… but you might noticed a bit of a delay in displaying the comments since it loads them in dynamically after page load.

the only downside is going back into this mess and making any changes to it 6 months from now… but oh well, figure i’ll let this run for a few days or more and see if it helps any with these g’damn comment spam bots. *spit*



  1. What about a regexp to check for spam? A little bit of post processing wouldn’t hurt.


  2. there’s no way you could write a regex comprehensive enough to trap all spam. just wouldnt work. that’s why all these third party spam protection systems like akismet use dictionaries and are constantly updated.


  3. yeah, that’d be some insane regex right there… it’s damn near impossible.

    probably catch some of it, but certainly not all. *ugh*


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