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been a little MIA of late… no particular reason, just been kinda busy and haven’t really been into blogging all that much of late… dunno why, but i’m usually just kinda “bleh” about it… might retire the blog or keep it around, not sure yet — either way, here’s the latest from victor hanson.

We live in a society in which gratuitous violence is the trademark of video games, movies, and popular music. Kill this, shoot that in repugnant detail becomes a race to the visual and spoken bottom.

We have gone from Sam Peckinpah’s realistic portrayal of violent death to a gory ritual of metal ripping flesh, as if it is some sort of macabre ballet. Rap music has institutionalized violence against women and the police — to the tune of billions in profits, largely as a way for suburban kids to find vicarious street authenticity. And this idea of metaphorically cutting, bleeding, or shooting those whom you don’t like without real consequences has seeped into the national political dialogue.

For example, why does popular culture wink and nod at the widespread metaphorical killing of Republican presidents? Liberals used to believe that words mattered and images had consequences; the casual glorification of carnage trivialized violence and only made it more acceptable — and likely.

In 2017, the obsessive hatred of Trump led, for instance, to many obscenities: Madonna told us she dreamed of blowing up the White House, comedian Kathy Griffin posed with a bloody facsimile of Trump’s head, Snoop Dog shot a Trump likeliness in a video, a Shakespearean company ritually stabbed Trump-Caesar every night on stage, Johnny Depp joked, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? … It has been a while, and maybe it is time.”

But such kill chic is hardly new — and hardly a result of Trump’s sometimes reckless tweets or undisciplined outbursts. Continue…

he’s got a point, as usual… worth reading the whole thing if you got the time and find it interesting… good stuff over some coffee and a bagel & cream cheese here ;)

PS. “kill chic” sounds like a cool movie title or something.

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One Comment

  1. Can’t retire:(
    I don’t feel like looking for a new blog to get my fix for sexy bitches!


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