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Kingsman Refused Sex?!

This ‘Kingsman’ Actor Refused To Film An Awkward Sex Scene With Poppy Delevingne

Even if you haven’t yet caught the latest Kingsman instalment, The Golden Circle, you might have heard rumour of an especially awkward sex scene involving Cara’s sister, Poppy Delevingne.

In the scene, leading spy Eggsy (played by Taron Egerton) has an intimate encounter with Clara who he is trying to track. Although the sex is consensual, during the act he places a tracking device inside her vagina without her knowledge.

Somewhat unsurprisingly Egerton was a little weirded out at having to simulate this situation, it turns out so much so he refused to film the scene.

bit of a spoiler there… but damn, can’t say that i really blame him… although… well, nevermind.


PS. anybody go see it?

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