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Let’s Go With The Chad

Chad Kelly dropping dimes after Denver Broncos practice

As Denver Broncos fans remain hopeful a quarterback option will emerge, Chad Kelly has yet to get his opportunity. He’s turning heads after practice…

One member of the Denver media is either playing a really mean joke on quarterback-starved Denver Broncos fans, or there’s been a Chad Kelly sighting.

Kelly is not practicing yet, as the Broncos have yet to ultimately decide what’s going to happen with their quarterback position this season, but he’s staying after practice to get some throwing in.

At least, that’s according to this report from Darren McKee…

yeah man, this is what i’m talking about… i mean, if you’re a broncos fan, you just can’t help but wonder if they shouldn’t just say “fuck it” and put Chad in… at this point, what do you have to lose?

i mean, seriously.

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