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Let’s Reboot The Matrix!

Yes, Of Course Warner Bros Is Going To Reboot The Matrix

It’s often said that’s nothing is certain in life except death, taxes, and movie studios rebooting their biggest properties in a desperate attempt to stay relevant within the franchise dominated media landscape. I think Ben Franklin might have said it, but who knows for sure.

In any case, I always kind of assumed that The Matrix would end up getting a reboot at some point in the future. The fact that the trilogy grossed over a billion and a half dollars nearly 20 years ago is just too tempting for any money hungry studio (i.e. all of them) to leave untouched. And despite the pretty negative reaction to the sequels, The Matrix remains a culturally relevant, “known” brand with a world that is ripe for exploring. And so why wouldn’t WB exploit that for all its worth?

feel like i read something about a possible Matrix reboot quite awhile back, but i thought it was more like some internet wishfoo thinking / rumors… but i guess not.

they’re actually going to “reboot” the Matrix.

Escape from New York Reboot Plans Grow…

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