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Look Ma, He’s Back!

holy shit man, i’m finally back! yesssssssssssssssss.

needless to say, this past week has been pretty crappy as far as having the webserver tank’n hard, and then scrambling around trying to get a copy of the old database and figure out a way to get it imported into wordpress — the entire process has been a gigantic pain the ass, mang.

i still almost can’t believe i managed to squeeze out over 8 years on the old server, though… not to mention sticking around on coldfusion for the past decade… seriously, feel like i should get some kinda medal or something… very retro of me, or really stupid — take your pick. heh.

anwyho, here’s my first WP theme, which i created from scratch this past week… it’s a child-theme of twentyfourteen, with a lot of stuff i removed along the way since i just want it simple, basic, and clean — but still foostyle’n… the only thing i’m really missing right now is my old ajax-comments that i’ve had and been using on my old site for years. *sigh*

a special thanks!

i have to give a major shoutout to both ron & brad, who have helped me out so much this past week getting my site back online… ron had to physically get his hands on the old server, then recover the data/database from the drives, setup a new MS SQL database to import, then export it, and then import it into a new MySQL database… and brad wrote a slick PHP script to take the data from MySQL (port of my old db) and write it into XML files (WXR format) that i could then import back into wordpress.

seriously, what a colossal pain in the ass.

i’m gonna drink myself silly this weekend, mang.



  1. *high five* :-)


  2. thanks again buddy! seriously, couldn’t have done it without ya mang!

    {{{ high five }}}

    almost can’t believe i got my site back up, with all my blog posts in WP no less… amazing. lol


  3. Yeah the foO is back! Sounds like you had some great help buddy and it couldn’t of been easy to accomplish, but now you are on WordPress things should be smoother going forward.

    Did you remove your other pages like babes, about etc?

    Also, if you modded a little more you could put the entire post on the main index page and drop the entire comments and comment form in an accordion so there isn’t a click through to add a comment on the single page – just a thought ;)

    Welcome back!


  4. Glad you’re back!


  5. yea man many high fives to brad for getting the DB all mapped out…nice work man


  6. Good to see you back mate, clean and simple.
    The guys who helped should package up all that migration stuff and sell to other idiots still running SQL2K :)


  7. Congrats!

    I am curious to know which configuration your server had and which is now.

    You alway make me envious with those designs :) :D


  8. thanks guys, good to be back! still sucks the server finally died, but oh well… had a few good lessons smack me upside the head this past week, that’s for damn sure. :/

    at the moment, i’m wondering about the comments… still a bit of a WP newb here, and i’m sure most of you guys have more experience with it… so do i seriously have to keep on top of the comments and approve/disapprove them as they come in?? if so, would it be better if i installed the Disqus plugin, which seems pretty damn popular and i see it everywhere nowadays?

    note: hopefully there’s not many people clinging on to SQL/CF like i was! still, i’ll be honest… i really do kinda miss it. *sniff*


  9. 1710 pages … but where are my boobs pages ?!

    arggggg …

    happy to see u ;)



  10. That’s awesome Foo! So glad it’s back and running. What a nightmare! :)


  11. Where’s the RSS feed gone?? My reader’s lacking some vital content without it!!


  12. Dude, where’s the RSS feed gone? missing some critical content in my reader app! I always thought WordPress did that stuff by default – but I guess it shows how little I know about blogging eh?


  13. Dude, where’s the RSS feed gone? missing some critical content in my reader app!

    That and your comments system is flagging me as a spammer for asking the question??

    I always thought WordPress did all the RSS / Atom stuff by default – but I guess it shows how little I know about blogging eh?


  14. @jack: yeah, wordpress comes with RSS feeds by default, here’s the URL:


    i also put in a redirect from my old “/rss” URL, which should 301 to /feed now.


  15. thanks again guys, good to be back again :)

    @jonathan: took me a week just to port the old database into WP, create a new theme from scratch, and get it all up online on a new server… i’ll get around to an About page, and see what i can do about adding back my Babes page at some point — to be honest, i didn’t think anybody actually went to ’em anymore though. lol


  16. Welcome back to the internet. Yes, people still visit the babes section :)

    WordPress comments are iffy. Whatever you do I recommend hooking up the akismet plugin to prevent spam unless you got something else in place. Take it from me, WordPress websites are a gigantic dartboard for spammers. They love to spam-fuck wordpress sites with constant user sign ups and spam comments.


  17. ANDDDDDDD your back!!!

    bout time sucka!


  18. aaaaannnndddd….. your back!!!

    bout time sucka!! :)

    CFML fo lyfe!!


  19. Nice design dude.


  20. thanks buddy ;)

    my first WP “foo” theme… still figure’n things out, but i’ll get there eventually.



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