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Losing To The Damn Chiefs

Siemian the last three weeks………

oh man, talk about something being hard to watch… like last night’s game between my broncos and the (fuck’n) chiefs… almost turned it off at half time, i was so disgusted… siemian looked aweful, guys dropping balls left and right, fumbles… hell, even the punt returner dropped the damn ball.

yeah, really hard to watch as a fan.

on the flipside, our defense still looks pretty awesome and are monsters out there for the most part… kept it from at least not being a total blowout, at the very least… started to look better the 2nd half of the game, but still wasn’t enough… at this point, i’m not sure what my broncos should do.

#sigh  &mutter  #disgusted

1 Comment

One Comment

  1. Be a man and throw a football like you’re supposed to. Tool.


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