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Making Sketch Fluid

How to Make Your UI Design Fully Responsive With Sketch

Or How to Use the Fluid Plugin to Make Your UI Design Automatically Resize to Its Content…

I think you all know the following situation: You create a design for a one pager or an app and you have to change the height of the second module because you added text or an element. On top of this you want to change the header image size. What happens? You have to have in mind all the margin values between each module, select them and move them up and down accordingly to the adjusted module heights.

No, I don’t like that! I’d rather like to hit “Update” and all the elements move automatically according to the changes. And that’s what can be done with the Fluid plugin. Continue…

i was just playing around with this fluid plugin in Sketch the other day, and have to say… was happily impressed! seriously, been doing this the “old” or hard way for the last couple years i guess, making multiple sizes and manually designing/laying out the various screens… not sure you can still get completely around that, at least for all projects, but it sure is handy.

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