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Microsoft Offers Free Anime

Microsoft offering free downloads of anime series for ‘Anime Month’

Microsoft has announced that it’s offering its American users one free month of download access to some of the various anime titles in its library, including Black Butler.

Black Butler, Fairy Tale, The Devil is a Part-Timer! and Steins;Gate are all currently available free of charge on the company’s site.

The company is also offering users access to the first three episodes of other series, including the popular Death Note, Inuyasha and Naruto Shippuden. The first two episodes of Naruto are also available.

Microsoft isn’t the only company promoting its anime library, either. Last week, Steam announced that it would be bringing anime like Naruto to its streaming service. Microsoft has officially dubbed February “Anime Month” in an effort to promote the service available through the site.

Currently, all episodes are only available in their English-dubbed formats. The promotion runs through the end of the month. Starting in March, customers will have to start paying for episode and season downloads.

man, all of those are good anime shows… of the list, i’d probably say that “Steins;Gate” is my favorite — that show was so fucking good.

(hat tip: jayden)

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