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Microsoft’s Fluent Design

Microsoft launches the Fluent Design System, its take on Google’s Material Design

At its Build developer conference in Seattle, Microsoft today announced Fluent Design, its design system for building user interfaces across devices. In many ways, the ideas behind Fluent resemble those of Google’s Material Design language. The main purpose here is to give developers access to a single design language that will work well across devices.

As Kevin Gallo, Microsoft’s VP for the Windows Developer Platform, told me, the team wanted to build a system that would help developers write more “delightful” applications.

The overall design principle here was to create a design language that looks light, features layers and depth and animations, as well as materials. Because of this support for materials, Fluent will also bring back some of the translucency that Windows apps lost in recent iterations of the operating system.

interesting… didn’t see this one coming, especially from microsoft.


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